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WonsultingAI has radically simplified our processes, making resume and cover letter creation seamless."

Brandon Jacob
Associate Director

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What do we offer?

We offer a one-stop platform for all your AI job search tools including ResumAI, NetworkAI, CoverLetterAI, and AutoApplyAI.


Let AI write your resume for you

Good news! You don't have to stress out over the perfect resume anymore. ResumAI builds your resume for you with our Wonsulting resume template. It's the template that's landed thousands of jobs for thousands of clients, and it can work for you, too.

  • Create the best bullet points.

  • Real-time evaluations of your resume's strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Use the most successful resume strategies available.

ResumAI by WonsultingResumAI by Wonsulting


Master your interview skills with AI

Get more job offers by improving your interview skills with our personalized, virtual mock interviews.

  • Prepare for any interview designed for your target roles.

  • Get an advanced scoring: speech, content, and non-verbals. Keep testing and improving!

  • Build confidence and tame your interview anxiety with measurable feedback and consistent growth

InterviewAIInterviewAI by Wonsulting


The Ultimate AI Job Application

Time is precious. Job applications steal it from you. We're giving it back. Apply to jobs at the speed of AI.

  • Apply to jobs, track interviews, and monitor your job applications in one place.

  • AutoApplyAI tells you which resume and cover letter best suits the job you're applying for.

  • See how many jobs you've applied to and use your applications to expand your network.

AutoApplyAI by Wonsulting & WonsultingAIAutoApplyAI


Networking at the speed of AI

Grow your network faster than ever with NetworkAI. Generate personalized LinkedIn connection messages and get a list of people to connect with!

  • Generate personalized networking messages.

  • Connect with recruiters, hiring managers or just expand your professional network.

  • Save your messages and reuse your favorites.

NetworkAI by Wonsulting & WonsultingAINetworkAI


Dazzle recruiters with your flawless AI Cover Letters

Don't hate cover letters, automate them! Your job applications just got whole lot easier with CoverLetterAI. You'll be able to send off the perfect cover letter in just a few easy steps.

  • Use your resume to get a relevant cover letter for the job you want to apply for.

  • Take advantage of our years of career expertise and AI to impress recruiters.

  • Customize the cover letter to your liking then, copy or download it.

CoverLetterAI by Wonsulting & WonsultingAICoverLetterAI
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Case Studies

Go behind the scenes to see how we have helped organizations with our AI products

Lucas Moe
Associate Director
University of Washington
Quotation mark

WonsultingAI was a great investment to work with students! It was a resource that served as and aligned with what we are teaching students about their resumes, networking, and cover letters. The AI job search tools were very accessible for students, where they could access the tools when they needed to most. Lastly, the Wonsulting team was always receptive to feedback, creating templates and helped students further their understanding of the job search."

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