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"Your app is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution to build my resume in no time. It has really helped  me a lot. Thank you!."

Howard Arlene
Finance Manager

"Your app is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution to build my resume in no time. It has really helped  me a lot. Thank you!."

Amanda Tyler
Product Designer
ResumAI Testimonial

"Awesome tool to apply for jobs"

"WonsultingAI has helped me make my resume so much better and more impactful! You read everywhere how to write a resume. Wonsulting AI makes it happen. It's like a virtual mentor helping you make your resume better and more impactful with every sentence..."

"WonsultingAI apps like the ResumAI and NetworkAI helped me a lot in my job search, and made me a better job seeker. The ResumAI too helped me a lot in optimizing my resume bullet points, and I'm hoping to see a lot of positive experience once I start applying."

wonsultingai review

"WonsultingAI helps to write ATS friendly resume and the cover letter in minutes. Have given us proper guidelines about each section."

"Thanks for the free template. It has helped me and a lot of my friends get into jobs that we applied for!"

"WonsultingAI was outstanding, using it to revamp my resume made me realize I wasn't selling myself more via resume. Thank you to team for creating such a wonderful platform."

"WonsultingAI is a great resource that gives my jumbled thoughts the proper upgrade it needs!"

ResumAI Testimonial
wonsulting ai review

"It helps me understand the XYZ concept of resume building while still giving me the creative freedom to alter any information I see fit."

review wonsultingai
ResumAI Testimonial

"I need to extend my eternal gratitude to you, your business, and your tools. I signed an offer yesterday, and I'm certain it will be nothing short of life-changing. I was laid off in 2020, and in 2022 TWICE. I got bit by covid layoffs a total of three times. Your resume creator helped me finally crack the ATS systems, which contributed to my resume being seen and securing interviews. I'm a single mom... grateful that I can now say I work at a global company with several billions of dollars in revenue last year. I have a better future outlook. I have a better RRSP (401k), whereas before I had none. I have a future thanks to you."

"Based on initial impressions, it is actually a VERY powerful tool for people who are looking to take their resume to the NEXT level and hopefully get it noticed by the company they are targeting."

ResumAI Testimonial

"This tool can help people boost confidence in applying in any jobs that they want to pursue."

ResumAI Testimonial

"Generated bulletpoints are ready to use without any major changes. Bulletpoints are accurately generated according to given data. WonsultingAI saved me a lot of time and efforts."

ResumAI Testimonial

"ResumAI helps explain my accomplishments rather than my 'this is my job description' bulletpoints."

ResumAI Testimonial

"The WonsultingAI suggestions are very unique and frame one's experience well for recruiters to understand. They are short and straight to the point."

"My points were too descriptive. So ResumAI made it more qualitative and to the point. I like it."

"The suggested bullet points by ResumAI provide a significant improvement over the ones I had."

"I only have volunteering experiences, and WonsultingAI is really helping me form a stronger resume by enhancing my volunteer experience."

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Is it free?

You bet! We've got a free basic plan that's open to all jobseekers. The basic plan hooks you up with the resume builder, unlimited resume downloads, an overall resume score, 1 resume upload, and the generation of 5 bullet points. And hey, if ResumAI has captured your heart, our premium plan offers unlimited access that's hard to resist:

ResumAI, CoverLetterAI, and NetworkAI, along with the ability to explore a detailed resume score breakdown and have exclusive use of AutoApplyAI to automatically apply to 100 jobs plus 25 more each week.

What's included in the paid subscription plan

Simply put, it includes everything! With the premium subscription, you unlock full access to ResumAI, CoverLetterAI, and NetworkAI features. This grants you the freedom to upload unlimited resumes and generate an infinite number of resume bullet points, cover letters, and networking messages.

Moreover, the package encompasses our Resume Scorer, which exclusively delivers a comprehensive resume score breakdown to premium users, analyzing your resume's quality. And don't forget, you can tap into AutoApplyAI, which lets you seamlessly apply to 100 jobs +25 more each week.

How does a subscription to WonsultingAI work?

For just $19.99 a month, you'll enjoy unrestricted access to our array of AI-powered products through our premium monthly subscription plan. Your payments will recur on a monthly basis until you opt to cancel. Should you request a refund within 7 days of your monthly payment, you'll smoothly receive a reimbursement for the ongoing month.

Who can benefit from NetworkAI?

NetworkAI is tailor-made for individuals who seek to amplify their LinkedIn network without dedicating precious time and energy to meticulously crafting impeccable introductory messages.

How do I cancel my WonsultingAI account?

Changed your mind about your WonsultingAI subscription within the first 7 days of enrollment? No problem at all! You're eligible for a full 100% refund for the ongoing month. Requesting a refund is a breeze – just complete this form. Beyond the initial 7 days, your subscription will conclude at the end of the current month.

Why is WonsultingAI saying I have reached maximum usage?

We'd love to say it's because you're too awesome for our system, but in reality, while our paid subscription provides extensive access, we've implemented certain guidelines to ensure everyone gets a fair share. If you encounter a notification and our system says something along the lines of "Oops! Our system noticed higher usage... Email us to fix this...", feel free to email us at, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

WonsultingAI Is not working correctly / generating the wrong outputs

It shouldn't be lounging around on your time! Fill in this form and we'll give it a little nudge.

Can I only subscribe to one feature (ResumAI / CoverLetterAI / NetworkAI / AutoApplyAI) and not the rest?

We currently don’t offer this option unfortunately. We hope all our users are able to benefit from all our features as they contribute to giving you a stronger advantage for job applications.

How can I delete my WonsultingAI account?

How do I go about deleting my WonsultingAI Account?
To remove your WonsultingAI Account, follow these simple steps:
1. Click on "Settings" located in the lower left corner of the website.
2. Proceed to the "Account" Tab.
3. Choose the "Delete Account" option.

For any questions, feel free to drop us a line at

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