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Drexel University

How WonsultingAI enabled 2 career advisors to consult 3,000+ students at Drexel University

About Drexel University

Founded in 1891. The university originally had a focus on technology and provided a cooperative education program, where students alternated periods of classroom-based study with periods of full-time, paid employment. They are known for its cooperative education program, which is one of the oldest and largest in the United States.

Drexel University

Meet the Director & Career Advisors

Brandon Jacob
Associate Director of Undergraduate Career Services
Jaylynn D.
Undergraduate Career Advisor


At Drexel University, the Associate Director, Brandon, expressed the challenges he and his colleague faced in their advisory roles: Scalability was a pressing concern. With just the two of them in the team, serving over 3,000 students proved to be an overwhelming task. A large portion of their day was consumed in crafting resumes, especially when it came to fine-tuning individual bullets. Their aspiration was to dedicate time to formulating career strategies for students, rather than being mired in paperwork.

Jaylynn shared a different facet of the challenge: Frequently, students approached the career services offices, equipped with a plethora of experiences but facing hurdles in articulating them effectively. They duo found themselves hosting countless appointments solely for guidance. 

Another challenge was available templates, which students were using in Microsoft Word or Canva. However, these were not designed with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) in mind.

The Solution: WonsultingAI

However, the introduction of the Bullet generator in WonsultingAI was transformative. It endowed students with the linguistic tools they needed, accelerating the process of reflection and effective articulation of their experiences.

Not only did WonsultingAI help through its bullet generator, but also through other means. 

  • Streamlined Processes: WonsultingAI simplified the creation of resumes, cover letters, and networking initiatives. This not only reduced time spent on 1:1 consultations and improved efficiency by 2x for career advisors but also enhanced the overall quality of the documents. 
  • Empowerment & Participation: The tool provided examples and guidance, enabling students to take charge of their career documents. By giving them the tools, students transitioned from passive recipients to active participants in their career journey. 
  • Increased Interview and Offer Rate: Students reported throughout the program that they then landed interviews and offers at companies including Apple, State Farm, and more!

Students also echoed the help WonsultingAI provided to them during their job search.

Maeva, a 4th year undergrad, stated that she used NetworkAI to give herself more confidence to reach out to people on LinkedIn and helped her network with (#) professionals during the summer! 

Akshaj, Andrew, and Alex had similar experiences, stating that the AI writer improved their resumes and cover letters significantly when applying for internships.


What university members say

Read testimonials from university members.

"WonsultingAI has radically simplified our processes, making resume and cover letter creation seamless.”

Brandon Jacob
Associate Director of Undergraduate Career Services

“With WonsultingAI, we arm our students with the right tools. They've transitioned from being mere advisees to proactive participants in their career endeavors."

Jaylynn D.
Career Advisor

“Wonsulting offers great career tools that can support anyone in their job search! I used them to create new material, review my work, and get some inspiration. These tools made me more efficient.”

Maeva Kadjo
4th Year Student

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