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University of Michigan - Alumni Association

Empowering Michigan Alumni: WonsultingAI's Game-Changing Solution for Career Development

About University of Michigan - Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan is a membership organization dedicated to connecting and engaging alumni with the University of Michigan (UM) community. UM, located in Ann Arbor, is a prestigious public research university known for its rich academic tradition and diverse programs. It boasts a strong commitment to excellence in education, research, and innovation, making it one of the top-ranked universities in the United States, with a robust and active alumni network worldwide.

University of Michigan

Meet the Director & Career Advisors

Louise E. Jackson
University Career Center Director
Brooklyn Posler
Associate Director


One of the most substantial hurdles faced by our partner university's alumni association is bandwidth. Historically, career advisors within the association have not provided one-on-one counseling to alumni, simply because they didn’t have the capacity to manage the sheer volume. Furthermore, the team lacked the resources to conduct individualized resume reviews or offer guidance on crafting impactful cover letters. This has been particularly distressing for alumni, many of whom have shared stories of investing over 15 hours into perfecting their resumes, only to send them out and find themselves stuck in a frustrating job search loop. Such challenges underscore the pressing need for tools like WonsultingAI to bridge the gap.

The Solution: WonsultingAI

In response to the significant challenges faced by career advisors, students, and alumni, WonsultingAI emerged as a game-changing solution. Essentially, the tool functions as a virtual one-on-one counselor, streamlining processes and enabling users to address their career needs more efficiently. Instead of laboriously navigating the job application process or spending endless hours on resume fine-tuning without feedback, users can now receive actionable guidance swiftly. For career advisors and the alumni association, it's akin to having an additional team member, alleviating the strain on their bandwidth. In essence, WonsultingAI has redefined the way the university community approaches and manages career development.


What university members say

Read testimonials from university members.

“Working with WonsultingAI in particular was absolutely great! You all had everything under control and made it very easy for us. You gave us all the resources we needed to communicate out to our alumni and what the program expectations entailed. We really appreciated the KPIs and the data that we received regarding usage, as we’re huge data people. Thank you for partnering with us on an amazing program!

Brooklyn Posler
Associate Director, Alumni Career programs at University of Michigan

“I really like the bullet point creator, and how it offers three options. Trying to find the perfect verbiage to succinctly describe one’s work can be daunting, but ResumAI makes it very easy.”

Fabio Chimienti
Graduate from University of Michigan

“I think the Resume tool is very interesting, it helps a lot producing bullet points that convey what I want but in a better way!”

Julio Pereira Cardozo
Graduate from University of Michigan

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