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San Francisco State University

 How WonsultingAI leveled the playing field for 100+ diverse career paths at San Francisco State University

About San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University (SFSU) is a public university located in San Francisco, California. Part of the California State University system, it offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs across various disciplines. Established in 1899, SFSU has a rich history of fostering academic excellence, community engagement, and social justice advocacy.

San Francisco State University

Meet the Director & Career Advisors

Cori Miller
Interim Director, Career Services & Leadership Development
Joseph Adams
Career Counselor for Career & Leadership Development
Samer Dabit
Career Counselor for Career & Leadership Development


At San Francisco State University, Cori, Director of Career Services, Joseph and Samer, two career advisors, observed that students continuously struggled with effectively showcasing results in their resumes. For San Francisco State, they aren’t like a UC Berkeley nor Stanford; many students had to start from ground zero and juggle multiple jobs, which make it harder to translate their academic experiences and skills to their resumes.

Joseph and Samer shared similar challenges; one of the most important ones were that students were given a choice overload of what templates to use and how to structure information on their resume. The students were all over the place with different resume structures, no quantifiable metrics, nor relevant hard skills which weren’t getting them interviews.

The Solution: WonsultingAI

However, the introduction of WonsultingAI provided San Francisco state with a platform that immediately addressed both the career advisors and students’ needs. WonsultingAI provided the following solutions to help streamline job search processes:

  • ATS-Compatible Resume Templates and Hierarchy: ResumAI by Wonsulting simplified the resume creation process by eliminating the need to choose between numerous templates as well as guided students on how to prioritize their experiences to stand out in the application process.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces and Intuitive Design: WonsultingAI’s interface was easy to nevigate for all students when using ResumAI, NetworkAI, and CoverLetterAI. Since the interface was similar to Microsoft Word, it made it easy for students to start using Day 1.
  • Showcasing Impactful Experiences: WonsultingAI’s bullet point generator and cover letter creator would showcase relevant hard skills and experiences related to the student’s job title they were interested in. This then led to career advisors only spending 15 minutes editing resume and cover letters, giving them the opportunity to focus on other university projects. 
  • Landing offers: By utilizing WonsultingAIs capabilities, students landed interviews and offers companies such as Veteran’s Admissions, Sutter Health, San Francisco State University, and more!


Samer Dabit
Career Counselor for Career & Leadership Development
San Francisco State University
Quotation mark

I think one of the best parts of this platform is its utility as a skill builder for students. Using the bullet generator to showcase the formatting of different types of experiences helps students comprehend how to better articulate their own value and expertise. Overall, the platform aids students in thinking through these concepts without being overwhelmed."

What other university members say

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"Thanks to WonsultingAI, both our career advisors and students now have a clear path to resume success. It's the tool we didn't know we needed, but now can't live without."

Joseph Adams
Career Counselor for Career & Leadership Development

“Wonsulting really emphasizes the necessity of impact and value created. This focus is vital because often, while writing our resumes, we get caught up asserting what exactly we did in a given role, and while this is important, we need to emphasize WHY we did the things we did in previous roles.”

Paul Glanting
Graduated Student

“I was close to not even bothering updating my resume on my own because I didn't know how to translate my past work experiences eloquently. This program is arguably the best resource I've personally used in my career journey and I've attended countless resume building workshops. In my opinion, the bullet points it generates, the level of customization, and ease of use are the main selling points.”

Gilberto Palomo Medrano
4th Year Student

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