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University of Washington - Informatics

From Challenge to Triumph: How WonsultingAI Elevated UW Informatics Career Services

About University of Washington - Informatics

The Informatics program at the University of Washington (UW) is offered through the Information School (often referred to as the iSchool). the Informatics program at the University of Washington's iSchool provides students with a comprehensive education on the intersection of technology, people, and information, equipping them to design and implement user-friendly technology solutions.

University of Washington

Meet the Director

Lucas Moe
Associate Director
University of Washington
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WonsultingAI was a great investment to work with students! It was a resource that served as and aligned with what we are teaching students about their resumes, networking, and cover letters. The AI job search tools were very accessible for students, where they could access the tools when they needed to most. Lastly, the Wonsulting team was always receptive to feedback, creating templates and helped students further their understanding of the job search."


Before the introduction of WonsultingAI, the University of Washington Informatics career advisors faced some pivotal challenges. As the team comprised of newly onboarded career advisors, Lucas found himself in constant training sessions, particularly around the how to craft resume bullet points. A recurring struggle was ensuring students understood the essence of writing bullets with quantifiable metrics and effectively articulating them. There was an evident need for a tool that could seamlessly translate a student's skills and accomplishments into impactful, industry-standard stories.

The Solution: WonsultingAI

This is where WonsultingAI shone brightly. It provided a platform where students could plug in generic roles, such as 'barista' or 'waitress', and the tool would extrapolate those experiences, highlighting potential accomplishments and skills. The platform efficiently eliminated the lengthy back-and-forth usually experienced during 1:1 consultations between students and career advisors. By streamlining these interactions, not only was the exploration phase made more efficient, but it also freed up valuable time that was previously consumed by these individual consultation sessions. It also significantly boosted the confidence of students. By providing clarity and direction in their professional journey, WonsultingAI saved career advisors time and empowered students to step into the job market with renewed assurance.


What other university members say

Read more testimonials from university members.

“Wonsulting has been a great help with my job search. I don't take as much time to update my bullet points anymore. Plus it is all ATS friendly so it saves so much time.”

Diksha Manwani
Graduate from University of Washington Informatics

“Using the ResumAI platform has allowed me to refine my resume just in time for recruiting season. I usually spend hours just trying to update my resume but the AI bullet generation made it so that I only spent a few minutes adding a role. I also didn't have to worry about Laying out my resume on a text editor because the platform did that for me too!”

Audrey Kho
4th Year Undergrad

“I always struggled with how to make my resume and cover letter fit just right for each of the companies I apply for. But with Wonsulting things got so much easier as they would change the wording and find the right things to say for me.” - , 3rd Year Undergrad at Unviersity of Washington Informatics

Kyusang Jeong
3rd Year Undergrad

I found the résumé builder to be a good tool. I very much appreciated the three options it would provide when entering information for one’s job responsibilities. The phrasing of the options was very good, and allowed for quick development of the resume.”

Fabio Chimienti
Graduate from University of Washington Informatics

“It can be difficult to brainstorm bullet points to include on my resume so it’s helpful to have some generated responses to choose from. Although recruitment can be tough right now due to hiring freezes and layoffs, these tools will help me better prepare myself for future applications.”

Nina Lin
4th Year Undergrad

“This helped me craft a resume that I am finally happy of. My previous drafts always had something lacking, however, the ResumAI tool has helped me overcome those delimits, assisting in formatting, as well as generating content for the bullets.”

Manav Agarwal
3rd Year Undergrad

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